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Our Promise to You

Our goal is to make this a list service that you can trust. In order to be listed as an open list the list owner MUST agree to using Family Safe Christian ethics. This doesn't mean they will all have Christian or church content, but it will be something that will not embarrass you if someone happens to see it. Our list owners must follow the following rules to be in the (open) category. All other lists will be closed, their members only.

  1. Your email address will NEVER be given, sold, traded or any other means be available to anyone but the list you sign up for.
  2. No Porn of ANY kind will be allowed
  3. Not anti church or racial slamming
  4. No links to sites containing porn or gambling
  5. Content must be safe in the event a child gets on the list. (they may not understand what is being said, but it should not be something a parent would be upset about)
  6. There is NO charge to be on any of our list. (list owners often offset their costs by including adds, but they will follow the rules)
  7. The list are free to speak of personal, denominational, or political beliefs.(feel free to join or leave at your discretion)
  8. You may join or leave as many lists as you wish

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It is my true hope and belief that our list will fill a need in your life

Mike Hodapp
List Administrator

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